rules_js 1.0.0


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rules_js 1.0.0

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After a few weeks in Release Candidate, we've just released the first semver-major version of rules_js. ๐Ÿš€ For those who have been waiting for this milestone before investing time in the upgrade - wait no longer!

rules_js is a faster and more compatible approach to integrating JavaScript build, test, and release tooling under Bazel, compared with the earlier rules_nodejs.

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Aspect Development is a Bazel consulting agency and we're releasing this under an Apache 2.0 license because we believe in the community power of open-source. Engineers working at Figma, Aurora, Robinhood, and Adobe have made contributions, however there is no large company behind rules_js who is paying for hours spent on development. Since we have to pay our engineers, we need your support!

  1. Book a paid support meeting with our lead engineers on Calendly: or We'll unblock you right away and can give in-depth answers to technical questions, explain design trade-offs, and more.

  2. Pay a "bug bounty" for specific OSS fixes or features you need right away, rather than wait for us to prioritize them based on our client's needs.

  3. Sign up for OSS support for Bazel, including Aspect's Bazel rules, billed monthly.

  4. Hire our Bazel experts as hourly consultants. Start with a free consult:

You can contact to sign up for the last three options.

We're excited to partner with you and can't wait to see what your organization can build!